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Browser Pop Up Issue And Relevant Customer Support
21.10.2016 09:13

In Google Chrome, the pop up windows are kept under control by Google. This is, in fact, a good job the search engine is doing. Now, the problem arises when a wave of pop ups is invading the browsing experience making you are in an uncomfortable situation. There is no need of the worry because you can deal with these annoying ads. You can be free from the trouble they are putting on you.

Stop the pop ups

You can stop the pop ups including the operation of malware scans. Now, the thing is if you want block process in the Chrome browser, have to do the four actions that are basic. From the start menu, select Settings. After that, tap on the advanced settings. Next tap on the button named content settings.  You can go to the pop up option and then Do Not Allow. Live tech help for Browser pop up is also available for the resolution of this particular customer.

Enabling the pop up blocking feature of Chrome

 On the Chrome menu icon, you have to tap on browser upper right corner and next on Settings. At the bottom, there is a link by the name Show advanced settings. You have to click on this particular link. Now, scroll down towards the privacy header and then tap on big Content Setting button. In the window, you can scroll down further more until you witness the pop up section. You have to choose-“Do not allow any site to show pop-ups”. After this, tap done. pop up help support customer number also is readily available if required.

Checking the site list

After following the above mentioned steps, scroll down to pop ups and next, tap on the Manage Exceptions button. If you find the entries in ensuing window, browse mouse to far right of every row till the appearance of X. After this, tap on done.

Scanning of malware

After searching the Google, you can trace and install antivirus programs like the Malwarebytes. It is the anti-malware. It could be that the origination of the pop-ups might not be from the particular websites you are visiting. This could be just a wrong idea you are carrying in your mind. They could come from the annoying software. You can go to the safe mode if possible and operate a complete scan. If you cannot trace anything, you can go for an app or two for surety. You can go for Avast. It is a nice alternative. By the uninstalling of odd software, can get the relief from the issue and can do the trouble-free browsing of the site you are dealing with or are visiting frequently. 



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